Day 24: Dealing With Diaper Rash

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For anyone with an ounce of empathy, diaper rash is an awful, awful thing. It is caused by leaving a baby too long in a wet or soiled diaper. If it happens, don’t panic. Babies have naturally sensitive skin and it is something that happens to almost every baby.  It can cause your baby extreme discomfort, which disrupts everything from naptime to playtime.

If you see a rash when changing a diaper, change the diaper as quickly as possible and make sure everything is especially clean. Keep the area as dry as possible and make sure to change the diaper more frequently than usual.

You can apply diaper rash crèmes (zinc oxide or A&D ointment) to the area, and this usually cuts down on the length of time the rash is present.  Most importantly, show your little one a little more TLC.

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