Day 31: Burping a Baby


Babies are just learning to eat, and you have to feel bad that they don’t know about all of the other wonderful things there are to eat out there, besides milk or formula. Especially if you are bottle feeding, young babies swallow a lot of air when eating, which can build up in the stomach, causing bloating and discomfort, not to mention increased spitting up.

To alleviate this, it is important to burp your baby after every feeding to release the pressure. This will probably be necessary at least until your baby starts eating solid food on a regular basis.

To burp a baby, there are several common positions, such as putting the baby against your shoulder or sitting the baby on your knee. You then pat and rub them repeatedly on the back until they burp.  Be patient! Some babies are faster burpers than others.

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Question: How can you apply this to how you feed your baby?