Posts in Order

This page will post links to all the posts in order. This is a work in progress and will be updated periodically. Thank you for your patience.

Day 1: The Most Important Work

Day 2: FHE

Day 3: Skills for New Fathers

Day 4: Championship Fathering Commitment

Day 5: Adam, the First Father

Day 6: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids

Day 7: iDad

Day 8: “Abba-Dear Father”

Day 9: Playing “Three Clues”

Day 10: Changing a Disposable Diaper

Day 11: Top 10 Ways to Get Your Child to Help with a Household Project

Day 12: Noah, Patient Father

Day 13: There’s a Coupon for That

Day 14: Twelve Tests to See If You’re Ready to Be a Parent

Day 15:The Pillar of the Family

Day 16: Making Pancakes with Style

Day 17: Mixing Formula

Day 18: What Happens When You Stop Yelling

Day 19: George Washington, Father of a Country

Day 20: Reasons Why I Love You

Day 21: Slumber Party Essentials

Day 22: It Worked for Martin

Day 23: Storytime with Style

Day 24: Dealing With Diaper Rash

Day 25: Nurturing Children

Day 26: Abraham, Father of Nations

Day 27: Date Night

Day 28: Boys’ Life Father’s Day Jokes, Part I

Day 29: Footprints in the Snow

Day 30: Cookies that are Cake? Madness!

Day 31: Burping a Baby

Day 32: Six Theories

Day 33: Father Isaac

Day 34: The Extra Thing

Day 35: Boys’ Life Father’s Day Jokes Part II

Day 36: Reigning In Anger

Day 37: Play it Again…

Day 38: Feeding a Baby

Day 39: Beyond an Enchanter’s Skill

Day 40: Father Israel

Day 41: Your Wife’s Goals and Interests

Day 42: Boys’ Life Father’s Day Jokes Part III

Day 43: The Benevolent Blacksmith

Day 44:Of Legos and Landmines

Day 45: What is Colic? What Can You Do?

Day 46: Protecting Your Family

Day 47: Moses, Father to a Nation

Day 48: Unless the House is on Fire…

Day 49: Boys’ Father’s Day Jokes Part IV

Day 50: Passing on Compassion

Day 51: Play Dough Creations

Day 52: Bathing a Baby

Day 53: Dad vs. Father

Day 54: King David’s Good and Bad Example

Day 55: Adam’s Rib

Day 56: Boys’ Father’s Day Jokes Part V

Day 57: Encouraging Your Children

Day 58: Passing Down Music

Day 59: Coping with Crying

Day 60: Forget Batman

Day 61: Joseph, One of a Kind Father

Day 62: Ways to Be a Better Spouse

Day 63: End it With a Vowel

Day 64: A Good Man’s Inheritance

Day 65: Camping Out Close to Home

Day 66: Sleep, Blessed Sleep

Day 67: The Father Behind the Father

Day 68: Johann Sebastian Bach, Father of the Fugue

Day 69: Room Service at Home

Day 70: Justice VS. Peace and Quiet

Day 71: A Fatherly Lesson in Forgiveness

Day 72: Making Flubber

Day 73: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

Day 74: Easy to Be King

Day 75: Dr. Benjamin Spock (Not a Vulcan) “Father of Parenting”

Day 76: A Few of My Favorite Things

Day 77: Bizarre Behavior

Day 78: His Beloved Son

Day 79: No-Bake, No Hassel

Day 80: Healthy Baby, Happy Parents

Day 81: Raising Owen

Day 82: Charles Darwin

Day 83: Never, Never, Never Forget

Day 84: Family Home Grieving

Day 85: Thy Will Be Done

Day 86: ‘Twas the Night Before School

Day 87: Learning the Language of Kid’s Clothing

Day 88: Two Roads

Day 89: Mahatma Gandhi

Day 90: Supporting Your Wife Through Pregnancy

Day 91: Walking Everywhere

Day 92: Children are an Heritage of the Lord

Day 93: The Swimming Hole

Day 94: Stainfighting for Childhood Stains

Day 95: The Touch of the Master’s Hand

Day 96: Jacques Cousteau

Day 97: Comfort Food

Day 98: Kissing the Pig

Day 99: Brightly Beams

Day 100: Summertime Sprinklers

Day 101: TLC for Babies with Colds

Day 102: As I Set My Lips, All Lips Will Be Set

Day 103: George Patton

Day 104: The Non-Complaint

Day 105: Galaxy’s Greatest Dad

Day 106: Knowing the Father Through the Son

Day 107: The Great Shaving Creme Fight

Day 108: Codeword

Day 109: Following the Thumper Principle

Day 110: Muhammad Ali

Day 111: Away Cleaning

Day 112: Fatherhood Flowchart

Day 113: The Lord’s Prayer

Day 114: Handprint Journal

Day 115: Swaddling a Baby

Day 116: How Fatherhood Is Like Shaving

Day 117: Jim Henson

Day 118: Replacing Selfish with Selfless

Day 119: Witch’s Brew

Day 120: Good Gifts

Day 121: Three Compartments in Your Bank

Day 122: Packing a Diaper Bag

Day 123: The Older I Get

Day 124: Profile of a Father” Steven King

Day 125: Transitioning to “2+1″

Day 126: Father vs. Mother

Day 127: Millstone

Day 128: Special FHE

Day 129: Packing an Emergency Kit

Day 130: “Daddy”

Day 131: Nephi, Faithful Father

Day 132: Couple’s Costumes

Day 133: Mummy Wrap

Day 134: The Humility of Joseph

Day 135: Time Capsule

Day 136: The Shock of Seizures

Day 137: The Love of a Parent

Day 138: Lehi, Patient Father

Day 139: Planning Ahead for Halloween

Day 140: Mark Twain on Fatherhood

Day 141: He Hath Not Given the Spirit of Fear

Day 142: Planning a Game Night

Day 143: Driving in Inclement Weather: Prepare

Day 144: Truth from Truman

Day 145: Enos and His Father

Day 146: Supporting Your Spouse During Bad News

Day 147: Bill Cosby on Fatherhood 50/50

Day 148: The Honor to Be Called “Father”

Day 149: Developing Green Thumbs

Day 150: Keeping a Diary…Journal…Thing

Day 151: Credits Cards vs. Mom and Dad

Day 152: Alma the Elder

Day 153: Teacher Gifts

Day 154: Miscommunication

Day 155: In His Father’s Arms

Day 156: Kickball

Day 157: Five Steps to Make School Easier

Day 158: Putting Off Childish Things

Day 159: Alma the Younger

Day 160: Let Her Sleep In

Day 161: The Phases of Santa

Day 162: The Prodigal Son

Day 163: The Alphabet Game

Day 164: The Emergency Kit

Day 165: Everything You Know

Day 166: The Stripling Warriors

Day 167: Time Out Weekend

Day 168: Bill Cosby on Music

Day 169: Joseph the Carpenter, Faithful Father

Day 170: Becoming a Gingerbread Architect

Day 171: Driving In Inclement Weather: Practice

Day 172: Where His Money Used to Be

Day 173 : Father Christmas

Day 174: St. Nicholas Day

Day 175: Keep Calm and…

Day 176: Behold thy mother!

Day 177: A Kiss a Day ‘Til Christmas

Day 178: Just a Box? Never!

Day 179: Givers and Takers

Day 180: Profile of a Father, Captain Von Trapp

Day 181: Making Thoughtful Family Gifts

Day 182: The Awkward Question

Day 183: Proverbs 4:1-9

Day 184: Gingerbread Architect

Day 185: Immunizations

Day 186: If Necessary, Use Words

Day 187: Profile of a Father, Jean Valjean

Day 188: Pitch in With the Christmas Shopping

Day 189: Keep Out of Reach of Children

Day 190: Matthew 7:11

Day 191: Christmas Cookies

Day 192: Circumcision

Day 193: Know When to Bring Up Issues

Day 194: St. Nicholas

Day 195: Announcing the Birth of Your Baby

Day 196: Dad School

Day 197: Psalm 68:5-6

Day 198: Cleaning Out the Car

Day 199: Spotting the Signs of Autism

Day 200: David Bowie on Fatherhood

Day 201: Father of the Symphony

Day 202: Find a Way to Recharge Batteries

Day 203: Advice from Bill Watterson

Day 204: Proverbs 3:11-12

Day 205: Birthday Tradition: Heavy, Heavy Hang Over Thy Poor Head

Day 206: Car Seat Safety

Day 207: George Saunders on Fatherhood

Day 208: Profile of a Father, Prince Albert

Day 209: Improving as a Father

Day 210: P.J. O’Rourke on Fatherhood

Day 211: Matthew 23:9

Day 212: Musicals

Day 213: Chickenpox

Day 214: On Fatherhood by Richelle E Goodrich

Day 215: Profile of a Father, Galileo Galilei

Day 216: Stuff is Just Stuff

Day 217: Bill Cosy on Fatherhood

Day 218: Job 1:4-5

Day 219: Preparing for an Emergency

Day 220: Teaching Instead of Doing

Day 221: Lawrence Rockefeller on Fatherhood

Day 222: Fictional Fathers: Frozen

Day 223: The Measure of a Man

Day 224: Betrand Russell on Fatherhood

Day 225: Joshua 24:15

Day 226: Chime Choir

Day 227: Treasuring the Present

228: George Herbert on Fatherhood

Day 229: Fictional Fathers: The Lion King

Day 230: Kind Gestures

Day 231: Rodney Dangerfield on Fatherhood

Day 232: Abba, Father!

Day 233: Dad and Kids Outing

Day 234: Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

Day 235: Lisa Rogers on Fatherhood

Day 236: Fictional Fathers: The Little Mermaid

Day 237: Tacos

Day 238: Jim Gaffigan on Fatherhood

Day 239: Romans 8:14

Day 240: The Baby Angels

Day 241: Graduating to Solid Foods

Day 242: Sigmund Freud on Fatherhood

Day 243: Fictional Fathers: Mulan’s Father

Day 244: Pamper Her Feet

Day 245: Bill Hicks on Fatherhood

Day 246: Fatherhood Scriptures: Malachi 2:10

Day 247: Sock Puppet Show

Day 248: Graduating to Solid Foods, Part II

Day 249: Jim Fox on Fatherhood

Day 250: Fictional Fathers: Hercules

Day 251: “Us” Time and “Me” Time

Day 252: Louis C. K. on Fatherhood

Day 253: Fatherhood Scriptures: Genesis 1:27

Day 254: Showing Gratitude on Birthdays

Day 255: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 1

Day 256: Pope John XIII on Fatherhood

Day 257: Fictional Fathers: Finding Nemo

Day 258: Spaghetti for Dinner

Day 259: Martin Mull on Fatherhood

Day 260: Fatherhood Scriptures: Deuteronomy 6:6-9

Day 261: The Cookie Train

Day 262: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 2

Day 263: Robert Frost on Fatherhood

Day 264: Fictional Fathers: Alladin

Day 265: Helping or Listening

Day 266: Ray Romano on Fatherhood

Day 267: Fatherhood Scriptures: Malachi 4:6

Day 268: Green Eggs and Ham

Day 269: Cindy Garner on Fatherhood

Day 270: Elaine S. Dalton on Fatherhood

Day 271: I am Your Father

Day 272: Letting Your Wife Pursue Her Own Interests

Day 273: Lionel Kauffmann on Fatherhood

Day 274: Fatherhood Scriptures: Psalms 127:3-5

Day 275: I Spy

Day 276: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 3

Day 277: Ken Norton on Fatherhood

Day 278: Fictional Fathers: Beauty and the Beast

Day 279: Laundry Time

Day 280: George W Bush on Fatherhood

Day 281: Billy Graham on Fatherhood

Day 282: Family Talent Show

Day 283: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 4

Day 284: Ruth E. Renkel on Fatherhood

Day 285: Fictional Fathers: Life Is Beautiful

Day 286: Planning a Birthday Party

Day 287: Paul Reiser on Fatherhood

Day 288: Anne Frank on Fatherhood

Day 289: Family Home Movies

Day 290: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 5

Day 291: Jim Valvano on Fatherhood

Day 292: Angel of Music

Day 293: Planning Birthday Parties

Day 294: Phyllis Diller on Fatherhood

Day 295: Tiger Woods on Fatherhood

Day 296: Family Game Night Outside the Box

Day 297: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 6

Day 298: Jean Paul Richter on Fatherhood

Day 299: Fictional Fathers: Enchanted

Day 300: Giving a Good Backrub

Day 301: Easter Egg Hunts

Day 302: George Will on Fatherhood

Day 303: Planning Sleepovers

Day 304: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 7

Day 305: John Gregory Brown on Fatherhood

Day 306: Profile of a Father: Benjamin Franklin

Day 307: Knowing Love Languages

Day 308: David Frost on Fatherhood

Day 309: Fatherhood Poem: My Earthly Dad

Day 310: Serving Together

Day 311: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 8

Day 312: “Heartland”, a Poem on Fatherhood

Day 313: Pinocchio and Geppetto

Day 313: Profile of a Father: Saving Mr. Banks

Day 314: Trust is Greater Than Love

Day 315: Like Watching Commercials

Day 316: Fatherhood Poem: Thank You, Dad

Day 317: Making Freezer Meals

Day 318: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 9

Day 319: Pam Brown on Fatherhood

Day 320: Profile of a Father: Abraham Lincoln

Day 321 : The Most Critical Need

Day 321: The Sandwich Approach

Day 322: Jimmy Piersal on Fatherhood

Day 323: Fatherhood Poem: My Hero

Day 324: Ice Blocking

Day 325: Top Ten Tips for New Dads from Daniel Tomasulo, PHD, Tip 10

Day 326: Robert Ingersoll on Fatherhood

Day 327: Profile of a Father: Thomas Jefferson

Day 328: Unplugging (May 9th)

Day 329: Barbara Kingsolver on Fatherhood

Day 330: Colossians 3:20, 21

Day 331: Hiking with the Family

Day 332: Cold vs. Sinus Infection

Day 333: Jean Paul Richter on Fatherhood

Day 334: Profile of a Father: John Adams

Day 335: Photographs and Memories

Day 336: Lionel Kauffman on Fatherhood

Day 337: Calvin Coolidge

Day 338: Farm Visit and Fresh Food

Day 339: Potty Training

Day 340: Reed Markham on Fatherhood

Day 341: You Have to Be Carefully Taught

Day 342: Grooming Tasks

Day 343: Sam Levenson on Fatherhood

Day 344: Billy Graham on Fatherhood

Day 345: Learning to Mow the Lawn

Day 346: Parting is Sweet Sorrow

Day 347: Stephen Spender on Fatherhood

Day 348: Superman’s Dad

Day 349: The Golden Rule of Marriage

Day 350: Ogden Nash on Fatherhood

Day 351: Mary Stevenson’s Poem “Footprints”

Day 352: The Bored List

Day 353: Homework!

Day 354: Umberto Eco on Fatherhood

Day 355: Fictional Fathers: George Darling

Day 356: Never and Always

Day 357: Roseanne Barr on Fatherhood

Day 358: C.S. Lewis on Fatherhood

Day 359: Planning for Summer

Day 360: John Green on Fatherhood and Final Thoughts for New Fathers

Day 361: Bill Cosby’s Final Word on Fatherhood

Day 362: Fictional Fathers: Tarzan’s Father

Day 363: The Wish List

Day 364: Woody Allen on Father (June 14th)

Day 365: Nothing Should Separate Us



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