Day 359: Planning for Summer

As the end of the school year looms, if you have traditional school, many children start looking forward to having little to do. If you don’t make a plan for what you will do over the summer, oftentimes nothing gets done, and this makes it even harder to keep up good habits and eventually to get used to going back to school when it rolls around again.

Sit down with your family at the beginning of summer and plan some fun things that you will do together. Perhaps there some sports you want to play as a family, or a day or two every week you want to go to the pool. Maybe there is a trip that you all want to take his family and that people can save up for by doing extra chores or by working for others. Summer is an excellent time to work on talents such as learning an instrument where more progress can be made when there are no distractions with school.

The plan or schedule will work better when it’s written down and posted in a place that everyone can see. That’s not to say you can have some lazy summer days, but it would also be a shame to waste all of that perfectly good free time.


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