Day 353: Homework!

Doing homework with your kids can be a frustrating experience. There’s often quite a bit of it, and you may or may not know how to help them with material, especially is to grow older. If a child needs consistent help on his or her homework, just make sure to make this a structured thing.

Have a certain place and time where you do homework and make it part of the routine. In the place for you do homework, keep everything that you need, from pencils, to calculators, to erasers, to paper. Find a place that is relatively free of distractions and where you can be comfortable while you were working. Homework by itself can be agitating enough and you don’t need anything else distracting or bothering you while you’re trying to do homework.

If you really don’t know the answer to something, don’t be afraid to admit it, but use the chance to teach your child how to look for answers and study. Use the opportunity to teach them organizational skills, neatness skills, and time management skills. Make it something that you insist upon, but that let them know that you are available and happy to help so they will come to you consistently with their problems.


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