Day 352: The Bored List

During the summers growing up, there was just the possibility that we might actually be bored. I don’t think I really have experienced boredom most of my adult life. Back then it was a real possibility.


There was also the temptation to while away the summer simply watching TV or playing video games. That’s where the so-called Bored List comes in. This was actually somewhat of a checklist. It contains 100 activities that needed to be completed by the end of the summer.


These included all sorts of things from the typical summer things like going to pool or making homemade lemonade, and more difficult things such as having a scavenger hunt with friends.


My parents told us that anyone who completed everything on the Bored List would be treated to a dinner at a restaurant of our choice. This proved enough motivation for us, and every morning, we would plan to see how many of the unchecked items we could fit into our schedule.


It turned out that almost every summer, everyone was able to complete their lists by the time the school started again. Looking back, I’m very grateful that that was available to us. The times in my childhood that I’ll remember aren’t typically the times I was playing a video game, but the times I was checking something off the Bored List.


People on the Internet post their lists to give you ideas for something that might work for your family. Here’s just one example:


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