Day 348: Superman’s Dad

It’s funny to think about, but even Superman had a dad. And his father’s final act was to place his son in the spaceship and send him far away even though the rest of them would die, so that perhaps his son would be spared. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for his son.

But even though Superman is a fictional account, it is worth noting, for example, the sacrifice in the story. It pays to ask yourself the question, what would you be willing to give up for your children? Would you be able and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Luckily, this is not asked of most of us, but it is still a good thing to consider. The depth of what we will sacrifice for our children, reflects on the depth of our commitment and love for them. When it comes to being a father, it often means sacrificing what we want in order for our children to have a better life.


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