Day 341: You Have to Be Carefully Taught

In the Broadway musical, South Pacific, Emile is a single father, whose wife has died. He’s exile from his home country of France who married an islander woman with whom he had two children. When he meets someone with whom he wants to be romantically involved, it first causes great strain when she learns that he has these children. The racial prejudices of the day created a barrier through which love cannot pass.

There is a song in this musical about this obstacle that says that you have to be carefully taught to hate and fear other people who look for act or look differently than you do. This is the prime responsibility for us as fathers to make sure that our children are carefully taught, but in the correct way, to be loving and accepting of other people, especially those who are different.

We don’t often think about sitting down and having such conversations with our children, but it will also be something that you teach them by your example, about how you treat people were different from you. Make it a point to set a good example to carefully teach them to be free of crippling prejudice.


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