Day 332: Cold vs. Sinus Infection

Chances are that many times during your children’s growing up years, they will come down with a cold or sinus infection. If it is just a cold, there may be little that you can do other than giving them called medicine, lots of fluids and plenty of rest. If it’s just a cold, the color of the mucus from their runny nose will be normal color.

However if they’re displaying a runny nose with green mucus, this may be a sign that they have a sinus infection. This kind of infection is bacterial and will not so easily go away if left untreated. The good news is, however, is that it can easily be treated by antibiotics. Usually after only a few days on antibiotics prescribed by your child’s pediatrician, the infection will clear up. Is that a tip, when you think they have a bacterial infection, feed them plenty of yogurt, as these kinds of bacteria in the yogurt will also fight infection to a certain extent.


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