Day 324: Ice Blocking

When I was a kid, we usually lived where you could get some snow, with the exception of a few years in California. When you’re a kid before you have to drive in the snow regularly, the snow can be a lot of fun and something to look forward to. We spent entire afternoons sliding down hills with our parents, brothers, and sisters. But then our parents introduced me to something like sledding that you can do in the summer. We call this “ice blocking”.

What you do is you go to a convenience store or grocery store where they sell big blocks of ice and buy a single block for everyone in your party, bring a towel to sit on and then find a big grassy hill.

Simply drape the towel over the ice, have a seat, and push yourself off until gravity takes over. The experience is a lot like sledding, but you don’t have to bundle up so much and it can be done just about any time of year.


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