Day 313: Pinocchio and Geppetto

The story of the Pinocchio starts with a man, Geppetto, who wants to become a father so badly but he makes a boy out of wood to be his son and by magic, the boy is given life. Pinocchio has to learn how to be a good boy, to choose right from wrong and, above all, to tell the truth. It is only when he has learned these things through great trial, that he could become a real boy and Geppetto could have what he always wanted.

In a way, the fact that any of us have children is a miracle. We don’t fashion them out of wood, but we do create them and then mold them in our image. Our own children go to the same struggles of learning to be truthful and virtuous through great trial. As children of her heavenly father, we don’t truly become real people until we become more like him. And when we do, it’s a miracle.


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