Day 286: Planning a Birthday Party

As your children get older, birthday parties will be of more and more importance. For the first few, many kids will be satisfied with some cake to stuff in their face and a few new things to play with. If your child wants a birthday party, it can be complicated logistical affair and something that you need to help your spouse with.

There are invitations to write, food and activities to prepare, presents to buy and wrap and other possibly other considerations as well, such as entertainment. You might make a planning checklist to make sure that you covered all of the tasks and have invited everyone you were intending to.

We will want to consider upfront how many people you realistically want to invite to a party. Sometimes it is fun to have a large crowd at the party, but it can become more unruly to control and will require more preparation to set up. A smaller group can provide a simpler logistical side and allow each person to spend more time with the birthday kid.

If you work with your spouse to plan the children’s parties, it can be an experience that all of you make into a wonderful memory.


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