Day 285: Fictional Fathers: Life Is Beautiful

The example of fatherhood seen in the film “Life is Beautiful” is both touching and incredibly sad. In the film, a humble Italian Jew marries the woman of his dreams and they have a son. He and his son are eventually captured and taken to a Nazi concentration camp. The boy’s father does not want his son to worry or to fully experience the horrors of their situation, and so he frames an alternate reality: that they are part of an elaborate game and whoever wins the most points will get a tank as a prize at the end.

Eventually, the Nazis hear that the Americans are approaching to come liberate the camp and so they start executing prisoners. As a final act of love, the father tells his son to go hide and that this is the final phase of the game, that if he wins this part it will surely get the tank. Because of his father’s love, the boy is spared and is picked up by none other than American driving a tank.


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