Day 272: Letting Your Wife Pursue Her Own Interests

As a father, I am often away from home. I work full-time job on top of that have a few extra-curricular activities, such as singing in a choir and doing book signings. Another one of my favorite pastimes is been acting. In the community where I  live, there are several excellent theater companies in the area and a trove of talented actors and actresses. It is a real victory to get into the show around here, but for every one of the lucky few, there are many others that I are not allowed to take apart.

My wife also enjoys acting, but has had not as many chances as I have to do it. This year, I encouraged her to try out for a local production of The Sound of Music. Though she was terribly nervous, she made callbacks and then the final cut as one of the nuns.

Not this definitely complicated our schedule. I continued my activities, which required more babysitting arrangements, and more effort on my part in taking care of the children when she was away performing. I did this gladly because she has done this many times for me.

I have seen a positive influence in her life. She comes home happy, having made a lot of new friends, and was given the chance just to be herself, instead of just always be mom. The always supported her during rehearsals, and came several times to the performances. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with wonderful children who will sit through things like this. I can’t take all the credit. Much of it goes to skittles and popcorn as well.

I will continue to do this in the future when the opportunities arise as I’ve seen a lot of good come from it. Having my wife so happy is one of my favorite things.

Question: what could you do to encourage her spouse to pursue her own interests?


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