Day 265: Helping or Listening

It is a natural instinct for many men when they hear about a problem to immediately start thinking about ways to fix it. Sometimes, when your spouse tells you about a problem, she is expecting you to do just that. Other times, however, she simply wants to get something off her chest and it is more important that you are carefully listening to her.
If it is something like the faucet in the bathroom is leaking or the trash needs to be taken out, then it is probably the case for she wants you to solve the problem. These are pretty straightforward things.

If, however, she comes to you with problems that she’s having between her and another person or is struggling with a certain kind of feeling in her life, it is probably more important that you simply listen to what you she has to say and then only offer suggestions if prompted too.

If you’re not careful, unsolicited advice can come off as critical and will not help the problem at hand. If there is any doubt, simply ask your spouse whether or not they’re seeking feedback or simply support. This will help you better meet your wife’s emotional needs.


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