Day 261: The Cookie Train

I’m not sure where this tradition got started, but every Valentine’s Day, we made a cookie train as a family. It was kind of like the Christmas equivalent of a gingerbread house, where we used edible things to create something else.

It was also just as fun eating it afterwards as it was to make it. The main components of the cookie train were some Oreo type cookies that we could piece together to make it look like oil tankers or other round cars, and then the wafer cookies that have a long, rectangular shape that we could use with frosting to put together into other cars.

You can also use a round cookie stack in the front car to form an engine. We also used the little dollops of frosting and different pieces of candy, especially conversation hearts around the train to decorate it.

We created the train as a family every year, and so every year it turned out a little different. We then displayed it in a prominent place in the house that when visitors came over, they could appreciate it and maybe even sneak a nibble.


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