Day 258: Spaghetti for Dinner

If you want to surprise your wife, make her dinner. If you want her to be especially proud, make dinner really well. There many dishes that can be done simply but effectively and easily make enough for the whole family or leftovers. Spaghetti is one of them.

Now if you want to make spaghetti, there are some things you need to think about. First is the kind of sauce you want to use. If you want a very simple kind, there are a variety of canned and jarred sauces that you can buy right off the shelf and though these tastes okay, they’re definitely not as good as something that you could make homemade.

Your second option is to take the base of a canned sauces and add something to it. Meat is a good idea, like meatballs either store-bought or homemade, chicken or just whatever you think might taste good.

Your third option is to make something from scratch. This isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds. Try a simple recipe that only requires “things in a blender blended up and served over noodles”.

Spaghetti sauce is versatile–you could be made different ways every time you make it. You can experiment by adding different spices to the sauce. Italian seasoning, garlic or onion powder or salt, basil, oregano and black pepper all work well with Italian dishes. You can try topping spaghetti with different kinds of cheese from Parmesan to Romano or even just cheddar. You can try different recipes for meatballs and even change up the kind of noodles that you use. Noodles can be found in all sorts of variety in different shapes and ingredients to make for a different dining experience.
You could be as creative or straightforward as you want to it always tastes great.


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