Day 257: Fictional Fathers: Finding Nemo

The story of Finding Nemo is interesting because of its views on single fatherhood. Martin’s wife and Nemo’s mother were killed, leaving Martin to raise his son alone. It is easy to understand why Martin is so protective of his son. He was Nemo his only surviving offspring, and he was born with physical limitations the made him less able to survive on his own. When his son goes missing, Martin braves a perilous journey to bring his son back.

To me this story reminds me a bit of the Prodigal Son, where a son’s foolishly allows himself to be taken far away from his father and what he knows he should be doing. His father goes to any lengths to see his son return and welcomes him home.

Many of us his fathers will have children that stray, and possibly far away. As fathers, it is our duty to go after these wandering children, to go to any lengths necessary to bring them back and welcome them home despite what they have done.


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