Day 250: Fictional Fathers: Hercules

In the Disney version of Hercules, there are many differences from the original story, but also many interesting things to think about. The young Hercules grows up not knowing of his true parentage, but wondering why he possesses such great strength. When he learns of his true parentage, Zeus and Hera, the supreme deities, he’s overwhelmed by the prospect and thinks that he can never live up to the heritage he’s been given.

Though he starts out young and naïve, through experience, his true inward godly nature is revealed, showing that he has not only physical strength but strength of heart as well.

There some interesting parallels we can use in our own lives. Many of us go through life, not knowing of our true divine parentage, that we are all sons and daughters of God. As his sons and daughters, we are endowed with divine potential and strength, but often we only realize this over time when we pass through trials.

It was the realization of his divine parentage that made Hercules turn his life around and set him on the path to becoming hero that he eventually was. It is this same acknowledgment that leads us to reach our full potential, to  become the heroic husband and father that we can be.


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