Day 248: Graduating to Solid Foods, Part II

What’s your baby has gotten some teeth, especially some back molars, he will be ready to graduate to more solid foods. This could be an exciting time for you as a parent, as this is likely the first time the baby will be able to feed himself.

You need to be careful, however, which food to introduce to your child. Start with some softer solid foods such as breakfast cereal, goldfish crackers, graham crackers and things that will dissolve easily in the mouth. Make sure to keep bites of food that you are feeding them to a moderate size. This helps reduce the risk of choking.

There certain foods that are notorious for causing children to choke, and should not be introduced until they are more experienced chewers. Two of the biggest culprits are grapes and hot dogs, and don’t even think about feeding a baby beef jerky.

When the baby enters the stage, it is a good idea to keep a little bit of solid food with you any time you are on the road with the baby. Another great resource for doing this is what we call the snack cup. These are small cups with a broad base and wide handles that have slits in the top. These plastic cups allow the baby to put their hand into the cup and retrieve some food, but do not allow the food to come out if it the cup is put upside down. These are especially handy in the car, or at other times when it’s not feasible to feed a baby otherwise.


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