Day 247: Sock Puppet Show

If you like me, you got more than a few old, worn-out socks. I usually get a pack or two for Christmas and birthdays as well, so I’m also not running out.

One of the things that my children are in to are puppets, puppets of every shape, size, and variety. What’s great is that you don’t always have to go out and buy premade puppets, but can use things around your house, including the old socks, to make puppets of your own.

You can use buttons, pom-poms, paperclips bent in various shapes, pipe cleaners, basically anything you can think of to create funny faces for your puppets.

Most of our puppet shows going up didn’t really make much sense, it was just fun getting to play around and to be goofy with something that you made yourself. If you have some ideas for puppets, check out the sites:


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