Day 241: Graduating to Solid Foods

Though it’s different with each child, the baby will eventually be able to transition into some solid and semisolid foods.

This could be an exciting process, but it is not one that should be rushed. If you give the baby food he is not ready for, it can lead to discomfort and even choking.

Start your baby out with some semisolid foods. These include things like yogurt, applesauce, or blended baby foods. These are an important step in helping a baby learn how to take food off the spoon and swallow correctly. You should first secure a baby in a seat or highchair. Especially when they are learning, feedings can get very messy.

Introduce the food the baby’s mouth a little bit of the time, and don’t worry so much if he or she dribbles some on her chin. That’s normal at part of the process. They will slowly improve with time. Introducing these foods can also provide additional nutrition that babies need during this rapid period of growth and brain development.

There are certain appliances that will let you make your own process baby food. If you have a food processor or something like a baby bullet, you can turn all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and meats into something that a baby can easily chew and swallow.

For some recipe ideas, see here:


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