Day 237: Tacos

An easy meal for you to fix is tacos. The nice thing about tacos is that they can be adapted to whatever your tastes are. They consist of many toppings and fillings or can be very simple.

The main component in most tacos is some sort of meat and what makes it special is the taco seasoning. Now, this can be bought at any local supermarket in pouches or small plastic containers. That works just fine. However, if you find that you don’t have any on hand but are still craving tacos, it is something that you can put together yourself.

One of the most important spices is cumin. This spice carries a distinctively Mexican flavor. Then you want to add spices like black pepper, red pepper, paprika, crushed red peppers, curry powder, garlic powder, onion powder, etc. There are all sorts of personal taco seasoning recipes on the Internet such as the following:

When cooking meat for tacos, it is that a good idea to cook the meat first, drain the grease, and then add the seasonings. Ground beef is pretty standard for tacos, but it also works well with chicken, steak or fish. Over time, you can experiment and see what your family likes best. It won’t take long, and it is well worth the effort.


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