Day 234: Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

For a newborn, there is a lot going around with their heads. I don’t just mean the millions and billions of little neurons firing on overdrive in there. The actual physical shape of their head is still in flux as the plates of the skull firm and grow together.

This could also mean that if you’re not careful, the baby’s head might form  lopsidely. This is a medical condition known as plagiocephaly in which one side of the head is not symmetrical with the other. This can be caused if the baby is constantly putting its weight on one side of the head or the other.

This is especially a problem with a baby who has a condition called torticollis, which is a when one side of the next muscles are stronger than the other, causing a baby to favor one side constantly.

In order to avoid this, make it a habit of placing the baby on different sides of his or her head while she is lying down either to sleep or just play. If plagiocephaly occurs, it may require the use of a plastic helmet to be worn by the child for months so that their head can form normally.

Our first son required the use of a helmet for several months and we all thought that he looked awfully cute in it. In the end, though, we were happy to be finally to be able to get it off and he has a much more symmetrical little head.


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