Day 233: Dad and Kids Outing

Sometimes it’s nice to take the kids just with yourself to spend some time with dad. This gives mom a chance to do whatever she would like at home by yourself, which is probably not something she’s used to. The thing is, these outings don’t need to be elaborate or expensive. In fact, many the times that I take the kids out, we just go do some normal errands that need to get done.

My kids always love to go to the grocery store, and I let them pick out something that they want. The bakery there gives kids a free cookie and so usually the first word out of their mouths when we step in the store is “Cookie!”

These outings don’t need to be long, either. Even an hour with you could be a great break for your spouse. A word to the wise, however. Make sure that you bring everything you need with you. For kids that are still in diapers or training pants, make sure to bring them, and just in case, an extra pair of clothes. They are the best thing in the world when you need them.


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