Day 230: Kind Gestures

I hope to enjoy a love like that experienced by the Romney’s, the parents of the politician Mitt Romney. They fostered it by  small gestures. Mr. Romney left his wife a rose on her bedstand every day for their entire marriage. She actually found out that he had died because the rose was missing.

Such gestures may not show love in every relationship. My wife is not particularly fond of flowers, and so if I left a rose by her bedside every morning, she would probably tell me to knock it off.

There are, however other ways that I try to show my wife that I love her. She loves being surprised with the gift out of the blue or thoughtful gesture on her birthday that she wasn’t expecting. She loves it when I agree to take the kids out sometimes and let her have a few hours alone in the house to get things done.

There’re many things that you can do to slowly but surely foster your marriage, and it will be up to you to figure out exactly what that is for you and your spouse. When you do that small effort over a long period of time it will turn your already strong relationship into an unbreakable bond.


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