Day 227: Treasuring the Present

In the early days of raising your child, when the stress of sleepless nights and long bouts of crying raise your stress level, it can be frustrating to hear people say “Oh, enjoy it. They grow up so fast.” At the time, it may seem that the days are going by quite slowly as you adjust to this new way of living.

As much as you don’t want to hear that advice the time, it is still too true. Your children will go through certain stages only once, and you can find happiness and things to enjoy in your child at each stage of their development. One day, you will look back at the baby pictures and think “where has the time gone?”

Make sure that you document your child’s growing years well. Take lots of photos and movies and don’t just leave them on your computer. Develops them periodically or make photo books organized chronologically or by topic. It really is a wonderful thing to watch your children grow and progress and you actually will forget a lot of little things that were so endearing at the time.


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