Day 226: Chime Choir

One of the things I grew up with was playing in a family chime choir. My mother made her own set of chimes that she made from some metal pipes and cutting them to various lengths to make the different notes. 

Each note was then labeled with a letter or number to keep track of which note is which. In order to play a song, each of us would pick up a few of the chimes and then my mother would write out what chime to play in which order on a large piece of poster board. Each player then has to wait for our turn to play with our note, with a nail or a mallet, in order to make the song come alive. 

This was a simple, but effective way to make music together. Later, when we had a bit more funding, we graduated to actual hand chimes, which are made by companies such as Malmark.

It didn't really matter how we created the music together, simply that we did. This was a tradition that stayed with me during my formative years and I went on later life to play in a professional grade handbell choir.



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