Day 220: Teaching Instead of Doing

When your children are younger, it is easy to fall into the trap of always doing everything for them. This, however, just won’t allow children the chance to grow and become more independent. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help children gain the skills that they will when they need to support themselves and a family of their own.

When trying to learn a new skill from walking, to riding a bike, to learning to read, children might want you to do the work for them. It may be difficult at first for them to do things on their own, but unless they have time to stretch themselves beyond their current abilities, they will never increase their abilities.

Something to try, is to start out the offering some help and gradually reduce the help over time until child can master the skill on his own.

For example, when teaching your child to walk, they first try hesitantly, on wobbly legs. At first, you might try giving them a walker to work with or holding onto their hands as they will walk with you in order to build up their strength. Gradually, you can reduce the help, holding up first on to one hand but then maybe only giving them a single finger to guide them.

Gradually, they will grow stronger and be able to take more the responsibility onto themselves. This may be a difficult task for them, but no child or parent wants to see them having to walk with support for the rest of their lives, and most children will not have to, though some will take longer than others.

This is also an important skill to teach that will come in handy later in life. Skills that are worth obtaining will be difficult and time-consuming. Learning skills and abilities, however always benefit their lives bring great satisfaction when success is finally achieved.


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