Day 216: Stuff is Just Stuff

It’s just a fact of fatherhood that kids mess things up. They’re going to going get dirt on the carpet, to spill things and to track mud on, just to name a few–it’s just going to happen. It is best to come to peace with these sorts of things as soon as you become a father.

I remember one great instance where my son smuggled a black marker into his room during his nap time. While we thought he was napping, he was quietly drawing on everything from his skin to his books, his toys and everything else you can think of. Though it took a lot of rubbing alcohol and elbow grease, eventually we got most of it out. It didn’t make me love my little boy any less.

At the end of the day, things are just things. Books can be replaced, even bedsheets with marker scribbled all over them. The person especially your own flesh and blood is much more important than any possession that you have. It therefore makes no sense to get mad over a possession at the expense of your children. And believe it or not, someday you will be empty nesters, and you just might think that the house is a little too quiet and clean.


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