Day 212: Musicals

When I was younger, my mother did something for us that instilled in me a lifelong love of theater. She sat us down and told us scene by scene story of the musical version of Les Miserables. She then let us listen to the music
that went along with each song. I was fascinated by this combination, as I already loved stories and music separately, but seeing them put together in such a wonderful fashion sparked something in my young mind.


I sought out other musicals, especially classics such as the Sound of Music and other Rogers and Hammerstein shows. I’ve since been in many productions myself while I was in high school and later as an adult in the community.

There are so many awesome and good stories that can be told by these classic musicals and now it is not hard to get a hold of them to watch at home. If you’re lucky, there are also a few good live theaters in your area. Take the time to introduce your children to these kind of productions.


I suggest you do what my parents did, and explain the story beforehand and even play a few of the songs so they have things to listen for and recognize, which will increase their enjoyment of the production. You can do this even when they are relatively young, and who knows? You might just start something inside of them so that you will see one day see them up on stage.


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