Day 209: Improving as a Father

A chef tastes his food to find out what he can do better. An actor watches recordings of his performances to see what he could do better. The painter looks at this work with a critical eye see how he can improve on his next go round. No matter what else you might be, you are a father, and that is another thing that you need to periodically stop and take a look out.

By taking the time to consider your performance as a father, you can identify areas in which you need improvement and then set goals in order to obtain that improvement.

When you think of what is on the line, it only makes sense to want to try to get continually better. You’re dealing with children’s growth and development, the very way that their lives will turn out
You can ask yourself a variety of questions, including:

Am I spending enough time with my children?

Am I doing quality things during the time that I spend with my children?

Am I setting a good example for my children?

Am I letting my children know how I care about them?

Am I being supportive of my children’s interests and needs?

Am I treating their mother correctly?

Am I putting their needs before my own?

There are many other questions that you could ask yourself, though you can start with these come and rate yourself to see how you’re doing. Set a time once a month or every couple months when you sit down and assess your progress. Improvement is not something that usually happens spontaneously, but if you put some effort into it, it can happen continuously over time so that you improve and become the best father you are capable of being.


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