Day 208: Profile of a Father, Prince Albert


When and where did he live? Prince Albert was born 26th of August 1819 in modern-day Germany, and lived until the 14th of December in the United Kingdom.

 What is he the father of? Why is he famous? He was the husband of the famous English queen Queen Victoria, who was his first cousin. As the royal consort, he did not have much official power, he eventually took up many causes that helped his subjects such reforming the educational system, strengthening the welfare system, modernizing the manufacturing industry, and advocating for the abolition of slavery. His influence grew over time and he was eventually considered a enlightened ruler. He started the tradition that the British royal family should be above partisan politics.

How many children did he have?  Did they follow in their father’s footsteps? He and Queen Victoria had nine children, all of whom lived into adulthood, which was uncommon for that era. He was known as a kind and patient father, who played a larger role in his children’s lives than did most of the aristocracy. He also expected high standards from his children, especially where their education was concerned. His family line has gone on to produce many nobles throughout the ruling classes of Europe.


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