Day 201: Father of the Symphony

When and where did he live? Franz was a musician of the classical period  who was born in Austria and lived from 31 March1732 – 31 May 1809.

What is he the father of? Why is he famous? He is called both “the Father of Symphony” and “the Father of the String Quartet”, because he was so important to both of those musical forms. Where people like Beethoven wrote only 9 symphonies in their lifetimes, Haydn wrote over 100, and was a mentor and friend to many composers such as Mozart and Beethoven.

How many children did he have?  Did they follow in their father’s footsteps? Though he never married and had children, he served as a mentor for many other aspiring musicians, and influenced great music long after he had died. His music is still performed today and his techniques studied.


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