Day 199: Spotting the Signs of Autism

Autism refers to a whole spectrum of disorders that can be mild to very severe. It mostly affects a child’s cognitive development. Autism is very prevalent these days, especially among males, and also quite mysterious. There is as of yet no scientific consensus about what causes autism and so no definitive treatment that can completely cure the symptoms.

There are many kinds of autistic disorders including classic autism, Asperger’s, and PDD–NOS.

In order to be diagnosed with autism, a child will have to be evaluated for certain markers. If you think that your child has autism, discuss the possibility with your pediatrician. Here are some things to look for.

1. Speech delays. Children with autism often experience delays in speech to make it so that they do not communicate as well as their peers. This can be helped with dedicated speech therapy.

2. An aversion to social situations. Autistic children, especially those with Asperger’s, have a difficult time relating with other people. Many of these children will not look other people in the eye when they’re speaking to them, and feel uncomfortable in social situations, and have a hard time understanding social norms and expectations. The symptoms can also be improved with therapy and prolonged practice.

3. The presence of a savant quality. Many children with autism exhibit what is call a savant quality, which is a area in which they far excel those of a similar age. Some have remarkable memories, computational abilities, or other abilities that make them stand out from their peers.

These are just some of the signs that you can look for. Fortunately there are many autism support organizations such as Autism Speaks. To learn more about autism, it’s science, and the resources available, you can visit the following website’s “”.


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