Day 198: Cleaning Out the Car

Once in a while, my family and I have declared an official car cleaning. It is so easy to start living out of your car, with trash piling up from fast food or other meals on the go, old papers and receipts things that you thought you had lost. Having a cluttered car can be stressful and even bad for your health if you leave too much trash lying around.

The good thing is that there are simple ways to clean your car that are not too expensive.

Phase 1, I would bring plastic shopping bags out to the car so that everyone gets two bags. One bag is for trash in the other bag is for things that need to be taken inside the house. Once you fill the bags, it is time for the next phase.

Phase 2, involves wiping down surfaces and vacuuming the car. Most of the times you can just buy simple disinfectant wipes from the store and either buy an inexpensive shop vac, or use the shop vac found at most car washes and even some gas stations. You only spend a few quarters to get your car looking a lot better.

Unfortunately, like mowing the lawn, this is one chore that does not last. You’ll find, however, that if you do it as a family, it really doesn’t take all that long. At least for the next drive or two, you’ll fell like you’re riding in style.


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