Day 194: St. Nicholas

When and where did he live?  He lived in the 4th century and was a Christian bishop in what is modern day Turkey, but then was called Myra, which at the time was party of Greece.

What is he the father of? Why is he famous? He was known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker, and had a reputation for generosity and secret gift giving, such as putting coins in people’s shoes.  He is the basis for the modern day Santa Claus, who also goes around giving gifts and doing good.

How many children did he have?  Did they follow in their father’s footsteps? As a priest, he did not marry and have children, but is sometimes known as “Father Christmas” and his influence inspires people today to generosity.

What can we learn from him? We can learn to give gifts generously, not just at Christmas time, and not to care who gets the credit for giving gifts.


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