Day 192: Circumcision

In Biblical times, circumcision was seen as making a type of religious promise. It was one thing that set the people of God apart from other people. Today, many religions do not attach this significance to it anymore. Conversation about whether to do it or not, comes down to other considerations.

Having a baby boy circumcised does provide the advantage of making his general area easier to clean, and maybe put preferable during his adult life.

If you do decide that circumcision, it can be done very early in the baby’s life, and they can be given in medication so that they will not be to adversely affected. You’ll need to keep them on pain medication for a few days while this wound heals.

It is a quick process that can be taking care of usually before the baby is sent home. Here are some links to people who are both for and against circumcision so that you can make an informed decision.


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