Day 188: Pitch in With the Christmas Shopping

Men, we all know the holidays are stressful. You’re making a list and checking it twice of all the things that you have to do, the parties you are supposed to attend, the gifts that you’re supposed to buy, and all the other things are expected to work in. It can be easy to slip onto the naughty list because you feel so stressed. There are many different ways you can support your wife through the holidays, and one of them that will likely surprise her is if you volunteer to do some of the shopping.

I’m fortunate that my wife plans ahead. Already in October or November, or even earlier, she starts to make lists of what she has in mind so that she can look out for good deals, especially on Black Friday. I’ve even known her during the year in a random month like May or July to find something on sale that she snatched up and stores away for Christmas. That’s just how she works. And I don’t mind saving the money.

Chances are she has a list, but if not it shouldn’t be too hard to make one. If you have to stop by the store during your lunch break, make the effort to support your wife and be a full partner in the gift giving process.

You may not remember all the gifts you got last year during the holiday season, but I’m sure your spouse will remember the goodness and kindness that you show. That might even be the greatest gift you can give.


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