Day 181: Making Thoughtful Family Gifts

Growing up in a family with eight children, we often had trouble thinking about getting Christmas gifts for so many people. The parents wanted the focus not so much on the gifts anyway. So, they came up with a plan.

Every Christmas, we put every family member’s name in a hat and draw names. The name that you draw is your designated person for whom to get a gift. We were encouraged to put some real thought into this to create something that perhaps could not be bought in the store, but gave something of ourselves.

I never had trouble with this assignment. One year I created a box for by little brother to hold his Pokémon cards, and painted various Pokémon on the box. Another year, I wrote down a number of piano songs that I had written and gave them to my sister who is a talented pianist. She had grown up listening to me play them, and was overjoyed to have them in print.

We even continue this as adults, and last year I made up a card game and created it for my sister who is obsessed with everything about sharks. Whatever it is, these gifts show more thought, planning, and efforts have always been highly treasured.


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