Day 180: Profile of a Father, Captain Von Trapp

In the musical, The Sound of Music, Capt. Von Trapp is a famous military officer who has lost his wife, leaving him with seven children. The character in the musical is based on an actual man of the same name and circumstances. The character in the musical is much sterner than the actual man was, though the themes of fatherhood in the play are interesting to consider.

In the in the musical, Capt. Von Trapp forbids music in his home because it reminds him of his departed wife, and he runs his house like a battleship, complete with uniforms, whistles, and marching.

It is only when Maria comes into his life as the children’s governess, that music is reintroduced into the house. Von Trapp realizes that he couldn’t deal with this pain by distances himself from the things and people that he loved, the sound of music and his children. Maria helps him recover these things in his life and he becomes a much happier man for it as finally able to be happy after his wife first wife’s passing.

Unfortunately, many men find themselves in the same situation as Capt. Von Trapp. It can be easy in the ensuing grief to withdraw from the world and from the things that once brought us joy because they remind us of the departed spouse or loved one. It is, however, in these times of trial that we need the comfort of the things that we enjoy the love of our family the most. Bring these things back into your life if you have been hurt, and like the captain, your heart will be blessed.


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