Day 178: Just a Box? Never!


Every time we move, or after every Christmas, we have a plethora of boxes. We can’t keep them all in our house, but we do not simply throw them all away or recycle them. Some of the most fascinating playthings I’ve given my children have been constructed out of simple cardboard boxes. This is much to my chagrin of having bought so many other more expensive things with lights, batteries, sound and brightly colored plastic.

One good thing boxes can be used for is to make forts. You usually have different sizes and shapes of boxes after moving or celebrating Christmas, which can be used to construct different types of buildings. Using a box cutter, you can cut out flaps for doors and windows even let your kids color the outside with markers or crayons.

A la “Calvin and Hobbes”, cardboard boxes also make excellent spaceships. Just use a big box with the flaps out for wings and then push your kids around the house. They love to do this so much, that my arms usually give out before their desire to continue does.

The grand prize, however, is one of those tall refrigerator boxes. They work equally as well as skyscrapers and bobsleds.


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