Day 170: Becoming a Gingerbread Architect


Christmas time wasn’t Christmas time at our house without the creation of gingerbread one. Now, there are a few ways you can go about making one. There are pre-designed kits that you can buy, or you can go to homemade route, which my parents were very good at.

They baked the gingerbread walls and worked up a batch of homemade frosting for snow. They melted sugar into an edible glue, and when I say edible, what I mean is “barely edible”. You don’t want to lick the spoon on that one.

The parents constructed the walls in place with the entire thing on a cookie sheet lined with foil. They then frosted most of the sheet around the house, leaving a small area with the foil poking poke through as a frozen lake.

Next off, we created the fence, which usually consisted of alternating pretzels and cinnamon bears or candy canes. A cobblestone path made of skittles or M&M’s lead from the front gates to the door. We added candy of all kinds to cover the roof and the grounds, pretty much whatever we felt like.

When our masterpiece was done, we proudly displayed it all throughout the month of December. The parents even used Christmas lights some years to add that extra touch. Then, when the New Year arrived, it was our turn for the equally fun task of destroying the gingerbread house and eating the spoils. As little kids, we didn’t realize how stale the gingerbread or how old the candy was.

If you can’t go all out, graham crackers and frosting work just as well, with everyone making miniature houses.

Here are some recipes to get you started:


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