Day 169: Joseph the Carpenter, Faithful Father

Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus Christ, did many things right in running his family. Though not much is said directly about him, we can glean information about his character from what the Scriptures say.

It would be a startling experience for anyone to find out that the woman to whom you are engaged is pregnant. Although that would be a big deal today, at this time in history, it could be considered a capital offense. If Joseph had the mind to, he could have had Mary put to death for fornication.

Before he had all of the details, the Scriptures tell us that he “sought to put her away privily”. This means, that he did not want to make a scene or an example of her. He loved her and still had her best interests at heart.

It is equally important, however, how he reacted next. When an angel of the Lord came to him in a dream and explained the situation, Joseph believed. Regardless of what social implications it might have had for him, Joseph continued with the relationship and took Mary to wife.

May we be as loving, understanding, and faithful as this good man, whom God himself chose to be earthly father of his only begotten Son.


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