Day 167: Time Out Weekend

Now, when I say “time out” weekend, I’m not talking about a punishment. For the sake of my wife’s sanity, I periodically suggest on a weekend when we’re not too busy with other commitments, that she have a weekend away by herself. She rents an inexpensive hotel room, in which she can sleep, have whatever food she likes, and spend the time doing personal things that she likes to do. Mostly she just enjoys a little bit of downtime while I take care of the kids.

Before she goes, she makes a list of things she wants to think about, such as problem she’s having in her life or things she wants to improve on. She also thinks about what goals she would like to make for herself while she’s gone. The setting of getting away from the normality of the routine, really seems to help her focus on the big picture and to think clearly without the distractions that occur naturally with having children.

Though it is a difficult weekend to have her away, it is well worth the investment. She always comes back refreshed and rejuvenated, cheerful and happy to see us.


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