Day 166: The Stripling Warriors

The so-called stripling warriors were a group of young men whose story is told in the Book of Mormon.  Their land was besieged by enemy forces, and though they were very young, they took up the call to defend their country.


They were put under the command of a man named Helaman and sent out into battle. These young men told their commander that they had faith in the words taught to them by their mothers that God would deliver them from their enemies.


They charged into battle against a superior foe and turned the tide against them. After the battle, Helaman gathered up and counted his warriors, fearing that many of them would have been slain in battle. To his astonishment and joy, though all of them had been wounded, none of his warriors had been killed.


These faithful warriors trusted in the things they had learned had home. Their parents taught them correctly, and their children applied their teachings. Though we do not know their names, we can learn from their example.


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