Day 165: Everything You Know

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just hook up your brain up to your children’s brains and download all the information that you know? There are so many things that you have learned from experience that you wish you could simply tell them have them take it all to heart. Too often, however, the child doesn’t really learn a lesson until it personally impacts him or her in a way that makes the lesson sink in.

For example, you can tell your children night and day that it is not a good idea to procrastinate doing their homework. You may even tell them about times when you procrastinated and have a bad outcome. It’s not until they actually realize that they had a five-page paper due the next morning and haven’t even started on it and that it’s worth 20% of their grade, that they realize that you were telling the truth.

Though like Mr. Unser says, his dad taught him everything he knows, it just isn’t possible to teach all of the knowledge we have gained to our children. This this should also be a liberating thought for you as a father. It means that you don’t have to teach everything, and so you can focus on trying to teach the things that are the most important, through your words and, most importantly, by your example.


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