Day 163: The Alphabet Game


One of the potential joys or pitfalls of fatherhood is keeping your children occupied in the car. The children can sometimes have a love/hate relationship with the car. Some kids look forward to car rides they’re on their best behavior, while others can’t stand it.

One of the best ways to pass the time to keep your kids occupied is to give them things to look for outside the window. One of the games that we would play as a family on long car rides was called the alphabet game.

The idea was to look out the window and see who could find all of the letters of the alphabet in order first. As far as finding the letters, anything went from the billboards, the street signs, to license plates. In fact, we had to rely pretty heavily on license plates to find letters like Q,X, and Z.

As you got your letters, you would announce where you found them. “S on the billboard over there” or “I found Q on that license plate”. This is especially fun if you have young children who are learning their letters and are excited about identifying them.

Best of all, you’ll get so many fewer calls of “are we there yet?” if your children are having a good time.


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