Day 160: Let Her Sleep In

It is amazing what a difference a little extra sleep can make. I know that for myself, because I don’t get enough sleep. When I don’t, I feel lethargic and my patience is not as strong as usual. In short, it is just hard to be your best self when you don’t have energy.

Chances are that your wife has many things on her plate, many exhausting things. She is sure to get worn out after a long week, and you need to be sensitive to her needs. If you notice that she seems particularly agitated and tired, you can offer to let her sleep in, taking some of her usual routine upon yourself. This is much easier to do on weekends, but with a little creativity, can even be done midweek. It may be baby difficult to sacrifice your own sleep and to  put in the extra effort, but the returns you will see in a happy spouse are more than worth it.


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