Day 159: Alma the Younger


Alma the Younger was a missionary talked about in the Book of Mormon. In his youth, he went about trying to destroy the Church of God, but changed his ways and instead devoted himself to missionary work. He brought his three own sons along with him as he traveled about preaching.

The Book of Mormon records the time when he sat down with each of his sons to give them counsel and each son received a very different set of advice.

For two of his sons, he had generally positive words of encouragement and praise. For his third son, however, he has a few stronger words of rebuke. This son had abandoned his missionary labors and instead had wasted his time pursuing an evil woman. The son had set such a bad example that it reflected poorly on the rest of his family so that the people who heard his father preach would not believe his words.

Alma the Younger had been a wayward child himself, so he understood that sometimes patience is required with wayward children. He also knew that it was his responsibility as a father to do all that he could in order to teach his wayward child. Though Alma the Younger did have some hard words for his son, he also expresses his love and concern for him and told him that he would not dwell on these things if it were not for his son’s well being.


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